Tuesday, May 30, 2017

If a businessman thinks in the interest/well worth of his customers he is a good person.

       How contradictory things can become in this society. A businessman needs to be cunning and intelligent in ways to fetch more money from the customer for the same product that's how business is done these days. However a good person cannotbleave his integrity of doing good behind. That is the reason people say a good person cannot be a good businessman.

But thankfully I have come across a good bunch of good people who do business/ shop vendors. Who actually tried understanding what I really want and offered genuinue suggestions and guidance on where actually I can get it. It amazes me to have such people around and keeps on denying the fact that they don't make such men anymore.

Quotes from Golden Flower.
Keep smiling and learning.

Monday, May 29, 2017

I have stopped dreaming on a sad note, as good dreams which do some good to the society are costing too high these days.

       A simple fact like the straight trees are cut first. People who stand for truth or good are eliminated first. It has become serious offence to be good and it costs you your integrity, dignity and respect and even life at times. By seeing the situation of our farmers and soldiers it should be pretty easy to understand.

A goal is a desire with a deadline.

I smile to make people happy not because I was filled with pleasure.

I live to succeed not to please.

There are a lot of traffic jam's to get to the extra mile.

       And you need to be motivated throughout the path as you never know when your competitors are going to give up and when the last mile is going to start its existence.

Keep smiling and learning.
Quotes from Golden Flower.

Luck is when preparation meets opportunity.

       A rare phenomenon, hence success is also rare. Luck it's a strange thing isn't it; it has always been the the mysterious of kinds. Nobody could ever predict it, it has betrayed more than standing together. And I don't believe it has anything to do with how good a person you are, astrology, numerology, etc etc craps. It's its like exactly opposite to Rahul Dravid you can never depend on luck.